A central organization for neuroglancer annotation.

The idea is to provide an entry point for different custom workspaces that leverage the neuroglancer REACT component. Example workspaces could include ones that enable annotations only, focused merge protocols, or data exploration with neuprint.


  • Build out ng workspaces to support different neuroglancer-based applications (for data mining, proofreading, etc). Create a generic environment that allows components to be composited into a workspace based on user preference.
  • Enhance 3D annotation capabilities in neuroglancer. Create a REACT component that works with neuroglancer to display and query annotations.
  • Support ‘protocols’ in neuroglancer whereby a REACT component allows users to sequence through a set of actions (such as proofreading decisions) in neuroglancer.
  • Improve flexibility of key bindings in neuroglancer. Support different ‘modes’ such as ‘view’, ‘annotate’, ‘merge’ to better delineate different types of operations in neuroglancer.
  • Protocols to enable focused merging between two or more neurons.
  • Integrate simple neuprint plugins into ng workspaces to enable users to explore connectomics data with neuroglancer. (edited)

Featured Repositories


A fork of the original google/neuroglancer code that will be regularly updated and synced.


Wrapper code that makes it possible to include neuroglancer as a REACT component.

ng workspaces

Web application framework that provides generic resources for sharing components between different applications using neuroglancer.


Google - Jeremy Maitin-Shepard (neuroglancer)

Janelia Scientific Computing

Janelia FlyEM

We are excited about collaborations with neuroglancer users and also desire a lot of feedback on potential enhancements. Please make general requests or comments in our issue tracker or email us